Commissioned July 2012

Batched 98,888.40 cubic metres of concrete to date.

Modular construction for ease of transport and rapid erection.

3m³ mixer allow a production of 90m³/h

Aggregate storage bin with 3 compartments (120m³, 120m³,90m³) for aggregate (0-max 10mm) for 330 m³ total storage, with hot air heating.

Screening system with pass for particles >15mm, to prevent getting too large pieces of aggregate into the concrete, possibly between vertical conveyor and aggregate storage silo.

Water tank of min. 5m³ (mounted inside clad section) with heating system up to 60°C.

20 pce. 110 V sockets distributed on plant

3 pce. 400V sockets suitable for welding equipment at convenient locations

Aggregate hopper does not necessarily have to have the capacity for one truck (about 25ton/12m³) to be discharged at once, it is acceptable if one truck takes max. 10 minutes to discharge.

2 monobloc silos 70T or total of 140T

Micro silica system including 30m³ tank, 2 pneumatic pumps and weighing hopper.